Masterpiece Designs of Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room Ideas – Modern living room ideas are something you’re looking for when you’re in need of designing your living space. A living room is part of a house that involves a social life. It’s the space that you can enjoy entertainment with your family and friends.

The modern style will never be a disappointment. It’s one of the most flexible styles to have as your interior design. You can collaborate in a modern style with any other styles for the decoration.

In this page, we’ll show you some ideas to design your own living room with modern style. It would guide you to create the ultimate living room of your house.

Best Modern Living Room Design

1. Pure White Modern

Masterpiece Designs of Modern Living Room 1

Pure White Modern –

This modern living room has white walls and a white textured ceiling. It gives an effortlessly clean feeling to the living space. The wall and ceiling have different materials in order to separate the elements.

The modern vibe of this room is well designed by Tessa Neustadt. He installs the minimal color of black for the accents. The wood beam on the ceiling is incorporated in a stunning way. The amount of sunlight that goes into the living room really brightens the atmosphere maximally.

2. Living Room with Woven Material

Living Room with Woven Material

Living Room with Woven Material –

If your living room took place nearby the staircase, this modern design could be the perfect one to apply. It’s got a traditional feeling all around the room. As you can see, the two woven chairs make a good statement to standout in the middle of this living room.

This modern living room offers many opportunities for other styles to shine. On the flooring, there’s a middle-eastern style of rug to provide pattern s. The sense of antique can be seen as the centerpiece of that coffee table.

Don’t forget about the natural decor from the houseplants on the table and other places in the living room. Overall, the main attraction of this modern living is definitely the staircase design on the background.

3. Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting –

The lighting fixture can be a significant element to provide the modern vibe for your living room. As in this room, modern living seems to be better when grounded in the space through light colors and soft fabrics.

This modern room allows the lighting to make a good statement without feeling out of place. It’s packed with chromatic marble fireplace frame. That really improves the design idea of the whole living room.

4. Wall Bookshelf

Wall Bookshelf

Wall Bookshelf –

The bookshelf seems to make a great focal point for this living room. The white wall really offers a contrasting base for the dark bookshelf. It easily became the center of attention in this living room.

You have to focus on decorating the wall by adding some accessories and book collections on each shelf. The items would add splashes of color to make the background of this living room so interesting.

That unique wooden coffee table matches with the entire feeling of this room. You can also have color on the chair cushion to emphasize the color on the bookshelf.

5. Eclectic Modern Living Room

Masterpiece Designs of Modern Living Room 2

Eclectic Modern Living Room –

If you plan to design your living room to be classy, this eclectic living room could make your plan successful. This modern living room has a modern edge to design unforgettable spaces for your social life.

This living room has both elegant and cozy feelings with a bright and open concept of the space. The white wall and ceiling provide enough amount of brightness for a modern living room. The parquet wood flooring adds a natural sense to this room while the furniture fulfills the modern vibe.

6. Living Room with Sunken Concept

Masterpiece Designs of Modern Living Room 3

Living Room with Sunken Concept –

Take a look at the thoughtful concept of this living room. It’s really one of a kind. This is something you won’t find in many places. The sunken concept offers a new kind of vibe for a living room. It looks like you’ll have a separated space to enjoy entertainment.

The wide couch is ready to accommodate many friends or family to have some fun in a space lower than your living room floor. This modern living room has rich colorful details that set the warmth level better.

7. Monochromatic Living Room

Masterpiece Designs of Modern Living Room 4

Monochromatic Living Room –

It’s a trendy choice you can have for your living room. Monochrome is not only about black and white. The combination of earthy colors like the one in this living can also be mentioned as monochromatic.

The theme of this living room can gather natural inspiration easily. It’s done to maintain a powerful connection to nature. This white living room is provided with interesting prints and textures to make it cozy and refreshing. The light wood flooring is selected to blend well with the color scheme of this modern living room.

8. Minimalist, Traditional, but Modern

Minimalist, Traditional, but Modern Living Room

Minimalist, Traditional, but Modern –

This living room contains an L-shaped sofa that can accommodate a group of people to enjoy a calming atmosphere in this space. Next, to the sofa, it has a robust wooden coffee table that really draws attention.

The unique design of a table that looks like a pile of logs emphasizes the traditional vibe of this modern living room. The wooden flooring is already there to set a balanced mood for the table.

9. Modern Living Room Ideas from Wayfair

Masterpiece Designs of Modern Living Room 5

Modern Living Room Ideas from Wayfair –

This living room set is designed by Ebern Designs which is promoted by the Wayfair website. It’s called a Pershing configurable set of a living room that worth $1,140 with free shipping. This living room features individual frame pieces that are reinforced for the corners.

The main attraction of this living room is that Pershing sofa or loveseat. The gray color of the furniture dominates the whole atmosphere of this living room.

10. Blue Sofa

Blue Modern Living Room

Blue Modern Living Room –

Adding some kind of plant to the living room would give some life to space. It’s even better when the plant makes a statement. This space is designed by Grant Gibson which is posted on the RealSimple website.

It consists of a blue sofa which is incorporated with blue chairs to set the color scheme of this modern living room. The brightness from the outside light gives a good impact to that statement-making plant nearby the window.

11. Minimalist Modern with Perfect Brightness

Minimalist Modern with Perfect Brightness

Minimalist Modern with Perfect Brightness –

Being bright and open seems to be the concept you got to have in your modern living room. If your living room is dark and gloomy, you’ll probably need to install some windows or provide plenty of lights.

It’s got a lot of French-style windows to provide the maximum of lights for this large living room. You won’t need TV when you have such a stunning design scheme inside the room. The seats are ready to take your guests to a relaxing atmosphere.

12. Dramatic Scheme

Living room with Dramatic Scheme

Living room with Dramatic Scheme –

The key to having this dramatic living room is to think outside the box. This modern living room has an avant-garde style which is designed by Homepolish. You can achieve this dramatic-looking space with an oversized couch.

There are so many things that happen in this living room. The couches are full of textured blue color to set the dominating pattern. All of the elements have its own colorful charm which is supported by the white wall and ceiling as the base.

One side of the walls have a rustic brick material to add dramatic feeling around the room. On the ceiling, there’s Ren-Wil Kroto’s lighting to add textures.

13. Modern Living Room Ideas from IKEA

Modern Living Room Ideas from IKEA

Modern Living Room Ideas from IKEA –

This modern living room has an artistic charm on the background. The blue painted wall of this living room offers a nice base for that Landskrona sofa and ottoman. It has a contrasting combination of color to maximize the charm of each other.

If you are a fan of artistic, you can choose this design scheme as the idea of your living room project. The whole furniture in this living room is provided by IKEA. You can find the elements like that cushion, rugs, mirror, and more on the IKEA store.

14. Minimalist Decor

Modern living room with Minimalist Decor

Minimalist Decor –

That minimal decor on the wall really covers the emptiness of the wall. On the lower part of this small living room, you can fill it with neutral colors like gray. It’s got a fur rug to give some soft texture for the room. A small coffee table makes a good statement as a focal point.

15. Living Room with Stylish Area Rug

Living Room with Stylish Area Rug

Living Room with Stylish Area Rug –

One main attraction of this living room is that stylish area rug. It’s quite taking control of the whole area of this living room.

From this point of view, the rugs take over the entire wooden floor charm. It’s got such a gorgeous set of sofa and chairs that match with the rug. With that furniture set and a big fireplace mantle, this modern living room became luxurious.

Modern Living Room Pictures


The entire modern living room ideas on this page are ready to be selected as your inspiration to create the ultimate living room design. it’s the place where you can have a relaxing and entertaining time with family and friends.


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