Rustic Living Room Ideas – Best Living Room Design and Decoration

Rustic Living Room – Having some rustic living room ideas to explore would let you have a stylish living room with a new aesthetic. Many people want to have their living space calming, relaxing, and soothing, so they avoid using rustic elements.

You don’t need to be worried about having a rustic style for your living room because this kind of style has so many different interpretations. It would fill your living room with a more casual and imperfect approach of decoration.

Applying this style in a living room is quite trending these years. Rustic style is pretty similar to farmhouse style without having everything overlaps. Without further ado, these are 15 rustic living ideas you can explore.

Best Rustic Living Room Design

1. Chocolate Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living Room Ideas - Best Living Room Design and Decoration 1

Chocolate Rustic Living Room –

Surely, the main features of this living room are that chocolate-colored elegant couches. It stands in the middle of the rustic-decorated living room that looks lovely. It’s a combination of industrial, farmhouse, rugged and rustic decor.

There’s a fresh modern vibe added in this rustic living room to spice up the design scheme. One essential rustic element of this living room is that rugged coffee table in the middle of the space. It’s attached with glass countertop to allow the charm more visible.

2. Industrial Vibes

rustic living room with Industrial Vibes

Industrial Vibes –

The industrial vibe is brought to the living room by that Borgata Bookcase. You can fill each shelf of the bookcase with some books and accessories. The letter “M” is a simple rustic decor you can add to the wall to get your wall more interesting. You could change it with the initial of your name.

It’s got an abstract painting on canvas to add bit modernity to the living room. In fact, the artwork is quite friendly to this kind of rustic living room. It’s an idea that you can easy to apply. That bookcase is an element that you can buy online from Amazon, Wayfair, or IKEA.

3. Twigs Chandelier Lamp

living room with Twigs Chandelier Lamp

Twigs Chandelier Lamp –

Having a rustic style in your living room doesn’t mean that you can’t have an extra glam spot in it. Take a look at that chandelier. It’s designed with material that comes from nature. If you have such artistic taste, you can even make it yourself. Just gather some twigs and paint it white.

The coffee table and the ceiling have a matching texture which creates a harmonious scene for your living room. Some kind of artworks on the wall seems to be really supportive of the style.

4. Designing Rustic Living Room with Neutrals

Designing Rustic Living Room with Neutrals

Designing Rustic Living Room with Neutrals –

A neutral color scheme seems is the easiest scheme to choose when designing a rustic room. As you can see in this living room, it uses neutral colors such as cream, gray, and brown. It shows how easy it is to design a rustic living room.

Textures are the key to a rustic style. This rustic living room has several textured elements to increase the rustic level. A woven rug, rugged coffee table, and its rustic centerpiece are the main rustic feature of this living room.

5. Pallet Living Room

Pallet Living Room

Pallet Living Room –

One other types of rustic are used or aged material. This rustic living room is dominated by pallet wood. The main wall is covered with pallet woods with its rustic and aged surface. It’s a great way to focus on the rustic style in your living room.

The pallet walls are accompanied by the wooden flooring and this pallet coffee table. It maximizes the pallet rustic scheme of the room. Also, it’s emphasized by the matching centerpiece.

6. Antiques Living Room

Antiques Living Room

Antiques Living Room –

The very first impression you’ll get when looking at this rustic living room is that rustic coffee table. It’s not actually a table; it’s an antique old trunk. This living room won’t be a rustic one without the trunk.

It’s quite easy to make a rustic room. You can just add a rustic old element like that trunk as the focal point of the room. Space would suddenly turn into a rustic living room. You can find such an old trunk at an antique store.

When you find the perfect rustic item for your living room, it’s about time to transform your house with a good quality of rust.

7. Cream-Colored Living Room

Cream-Colored Living Room

Cream-Colored Living Room –

This cream-colored living room is filled with all rustic decorations. Let’s start on the wall. Above the couch, the wall is attached with several repurposed broken doors which are also attached with wall-vase plants and a TV.

For all rustic fans, they would already be entertained by the rustic doors without even bother to turn on the TV. Besides the couch, there’s a side table made of a wood pallet that incorporates with the design of the table lamp and that horn accessory.

There are other rustic items that make some perfect decors for the living room. The neutral color scheme seems really supportive of the rustic style.

8. Oversized Clock

Oversized Clock in Living Room

Oversized Clock –

An oversized clock is one item that much rustic living rooms have on its wall. There are so many designs of that kind of clock available for any kind of rustic room. In this room, the clock uses a metal material which matched with the galvanized wall vases on each side.

Those rustic decors on the wall really become the elements that decide the destiny of this living room. It makes a bold statement. The decors on the wall are minimalist but it offers a big impact to the living room.

Instead of having a white plain wall, you can turn it into a minimalist rustic fiesta. On the lower side, this living room is packed with woven baskets, wooden coffee table with rugged top, and an antique brown chair.

9. Perfect Entertainment Center

Rustic Living Room Ideas - Best Living Room Design and Decoration 2

Perfect Entertainment Center –

Looking for a perfect design of entertainment center for the rustic living room? Check out this nice example of it. This could be a good idea for your house but you need a little bit of adjustment based on the size and concept of your living room.

You may start by hanging an inspirational sign that you’d like. In this case, the sign is about a Bible verse. You can have a funny or inspirational quote on it if you like. Then, you can hang some kind of monochromatic artwork on one side of the TV.

On the other side, you may have some interesting rustic items such as those dark woven baskets. Your entertainment scene in the living room would be fulfilled with rustic items. The main furniture is that weathered wooden cabinet that’s in line with the baskets.

10. Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding Fireplace –

This living room is a fusion of modern and rustic style. It’s got a freestanding fireplace which is bookended by logs stacks. It makes an interesting rustic focal point for this sitting area. The furniture design choice is kept minimal.

The furnishings have legs with angled mid-century modern design in order to reach a modern and comfy look. Like the coffee table, this room has a minimalist table with mid-century modern legs that you can buy on Amazon for $50.

11. Elegant Rustic Living Room by Wayfair

Elegant Rustic Living Room by Wayfair

Elegant Rustic Living Room by Wayfair –

The main furniture of this living room is that Arvin sofa set. Its color scheme blends well with the rustic texture of the wall stones. The elegant atmosphere of this living room really sparks all over the room. It’s brought to space by the sofa and loveseat design.

The furniture is available at Wayfair store, a thousand for the sofa, and a little cheaper for the loveseat. The wall stone really decided the natural rustic scheme of this living room.

12. IKEA Rustic Living Room with Pine

Rustic Living Room Ideas - Best Living Room Design and Decoration 3

IKEA Rustic Living Room with Pine –

On the website of IKEA, this rustic living room is titled “Peaceful with Pine”. As you can see, this living room is filled with pine material all over. It’s on the floor, wall, and ceiling.

It’s going to be perfect if your house located the nearby natural scene. So, you can get close to nature outside and inside. The room looks so airy from here. It’s got soft textiles, natural materials, and mild colors. Those elements gave a natural atmosphere more opportunities to shine.

13. An Old Chest for Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living Room Ideas - Best Living Room Design and Decoration 4

An Old Chest for Rustic Living Room –

The detail is one essential part to consider when designing a rustic style room. So, don’t forget to pay attention to detail to get a lovely rustic living room. Check out that antique old chest that is repurposed as a coffee table.

14. Modern yet Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living Room Ideas - Best Living Room Design and Decoration 5

Modern yet Rustic Living Room –

A stunning living room with modern and rustic style combined seems to have no end. There are so many ways to collaborate rustic and modern for interior design. As you can see in this living room, the portion of rustic and modern style is balanced.

15. Luxury Large

Luxury Large living room

Luxury Large –

If you have such a large space for the living room, you can’t just leave it looking normal. You have to create it as magnificent as it should be. This is a nice example of rustic living room design you can apply for your large living space.

Rustic Living Room Pictures


There are so many things you can do for rustic living room ideas. You’ve just read the fifteen recommended things. Now, it’s time to add some rust that makes no fuzz.


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